Using Reflexology in your daily life (the large intestine point)

Recently, I have been dabbling with reflexology. I purchased the book ‘Sole Guidance’ along with a few other reflexology books and have been practising massaging different points and observing any differences.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary healing therapy in which the reflexologist uses their fingers or sometimes a special stick to apply pressure to specific zones and reflex areas of the feet and sometimes, hands and ears. Every part, gland, and organ of the human body is reflected on the feet and working these zones have been shown to have profound positive effects.

What are the benefits?
Reflexology is well known for its ability to decrease stress levels, promote relaxation, improve circulation, help the body return to a state of balance by activating and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system so it can more effectively repair itself. Reflexology also helps the body reach homeostasis, where the body can then work to heal itself from both chronic and acute issues.

How long will it take until I notice a difference?
From personal experience, I immediately feel calmer and more relaxed after going through one of the sequences in ‘Sole Guidance’. I often perform reflexology on myself just before I go to sleep and I find that I sleep well after the treatment. When I perform reflexology on myself in the morning, I feel more prepared to face the day.

While some acute issues may respond positively to reflexology after the first treatment, chronic issues may take some time or a series of treatments as the patterns being addressed are more deeply established in the body.

The series of reflex points that I would like to write about today works instantly for me whenever I need to use it.

Using your large intestine reflexology point to help you evacuate your bowels

The large intestine reflexology point is located on your left hand and includes 3 points- the transverse colon, descending colon, and the sigmoid colon. Please refer to the diagram below.


How to massage your large intestine point

You can massage them altogether in one continuous motion by using your right knuckle or thumb to stroke your left palm in the direction and location indicated in the diagram provided. Massage all 3 points in one continuous motion up to 15 times (I find 3-5 is suffice).

Massaging for temporary constipation

According to Holly Tse, author of ‘Sole Guidance’, if you are massaging these points for temporary constipation, you’ll want to take a breath and relax the muscles in your abdomen for a few seconds to release any tension before starting the massage.

You may also want to give a bit of extra love to your anus and rectum point by using the knuckle of your right index finger to press into the point. Twist back and forth for 15 seconds.




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