How did I find Yoga?

My Personal Story (in a nutshell)

Young, carefree, and cashed up after working in China for 18 months with the world at my feet I began another one of my travel adventures: a year of travel through Central and South America. I arrived in Mexico in June and couldn’t wait to start my next adventure. I had wanted to go to South America for so many years and at long last it was finally a reality. I started to travel down through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. It was in Honduras that my entire world changed overnight and my dreams of South America were put on hold.

On the 28th of August, 2010 I was in a serious taxi accident where I received multiple fractures to my ankle and partially tore my ACL. Somehow my Tibia and Fibula bowed around the ankle area so that my lower leg and ankle was as big as my thigh. My first operation was in Honduras, which was a traumatic experience in itself, whereby the surgeon put a whole heap of metal in my ankle, including a diastasis screw to pull my bones back together again.

Needless to say I had to learn how to walk again. The surgeons were not optimistic about my recovery and said that I would never walk unassisted again. Despite already spending hours a day at the gym in the hydro-pool, ticking over the k’s on the bike and rebuilding my muscles using various weight machines, I must say that this comment was probably the catalyst for me to look for other answers. I sought out another surgeon, had a Reiki session and started doing yoga. The surgeon agreed to do a third operation on my ankle and the yoga… well it changed my life.

Back in 2011, when I began doing yoga seriously I had no balance. I had trouble walking with my one arm crutch and often walked into doorframes. My leg muscles had wasted away from 8 months of hopping about on two crutches and my right leg strength was drastically less than my left leg despite the hard work I was putting in at the gym.

The yoga classes I took were gentle and my teacher was kind and caring, as have been all of my yoga teachers. She gave me options and time to move between poses. I saw improvements in my balance almost every class and I began to regain strength, balance and flexibility but the physical benefits of yoga was just the beginning of my journey and transformation.

I loved going to yoga classes; I just felt so good afterwards. As I continued to recover and returned to a high stress job along with completing my Masters, I continued to go to yoga regularly. I loved moving but found the stillness uncomfortable. I didn’t like being alone with my thoughts and found it hard to relax and just breath. So as you can imagine, for me the worst part of a yoga class in those early years was Savasana. I mean what good is just lying there doing nothing going to do anyway? It wasn’t going to make me fitter, stronger, more flexible, further improve my balance or any of the other reasons I started going to yoga for… but as time went on I found out just how wrong I was!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first Blog post. Keep on reading my next post entitled Why Savasana to find out how yoga transformed me and how it can transform you too!


Namaste, Natalie

(The light in me respects, honours, loves and bows to the light in you).